Maximizing supplier and contractor productivity

Success in the ultra-competitive construction industry requires suppliers and contractors to be agile, adaptable, focused, and dynamic. The productivity of your workforce is paramount to your return on investment and overall success here.


  • Suppliers tend to be too tied down with their daily business to innovate and assess opportunities for over-proportional, profitable growth—via key project penetration, new products and/or services, and sales force initiatives.

  • Contractors are forced to bid very competitively, and thus perceive a need to limit investments in people and equipment (always going with the cheapest purchase price).


  • We provide the tools and processes for suppliers to assess and quickly capitalize on over-proportional growth opportunities. We can ensure that your project penetration will improve, your product/service launches will accelerate and succeed, and your sales force ROI will increase when making training and productivity investments.

  • We advise contractors on how to improve productivity by working with suppliers in a win-win environment. While this may increase upfront cost, when done right, the improvement of processes and products over the course of a project will improve contractor output and efficiency, ultimately reducing cost and increasing profit.

Oil and Gas

Managing strategy in a highly dynamic environment

Within the last few years, the Oil and Gas industry has experienced a downturn, the likes of which was previously unknown to any other industry. We have helped upstream and midstream clients to navigate through the downturn to prepare for when the economy turns around.



  • Dramatic swings in price and demand as well as a highly dynamic global market environment.

  • Maintain profitability without jeopardizing future growth opportunities and retain strategic key personnel.

  • Create a highly-dynamic, scaleable organization and maintain a high-performance environment with motivated employees.


  • Market potential and competitive analysis to identify new opportunities, whether within or outside the current business.

  • Development of a powerful (diversification) strategy in an international environment in order to mitigate future risks.

  • Global performance management process design and implementation to maintain profitability and organizational focus.

Manufacturing & IIOT


A focused digitization strategy is crucial for future success in the manufacturing market. Our proven approach uses data which already exists within your organization to improve profitability, reduce turn-around time, increase flexibility, and enhance customer service.


  • Manage IT implementation and necessary organizational change in parallel, while at the same time running the daily business.

  • Achieve buy-in at all levels of the organization and across functions – IT and operations – in order to ensure alignment, create enthusiasm, and successfully drive change.

  • Achieve ROI targets within projected time-frame – IT project plans are often overly optimistic and do not consider the complexity of pilot selection and success factor evaluation, need for extensive communication and stakeholder involvement, etc.


  • The digitization strategy should be derived from organizational goals, in addition to current or future market challenges, and should take into account the organizations’ individual human resources – it is not an IT project but an organizational change project.

  • Project planning should include the roll-out of the selected software/IT solution in addition to all aspects of an organizational change project.

  • Project management is crucial in order to keep the project on track and realize the envisioned ROI. We recommend outsourcing this task in order to ensure on-time completion and keep the organization focused on daily activities.



Sustainable growth in a highly competitive global industry

The aerospace industry is characterized by long sales cycles, strict regulatory compliance and quality requirements, high capital intensity, and tremendous international competition. We have successfully helped aerospace clients in many areas like strategy development, performance management, international expansion, leadership coaching, and M&A preparation.


  • Long sales cycles and programs on a global level require tailored performance management systems.

  • Maintain organizational focus and discipline in an international environment and collaboration on a global level.

  • Stay competitive and maximize profitability despite international competition, regulatory requirements, and financial complexity of programs.


  • Market potential and competitive analysis to identify new opportunities, either within or outside the current business.

  • Development of powerful strategies in an international environment, supported by the unparalleled international experience of our team.

  • Global performance management process design and implementation to help the organization to stay focused and create transparency.