The AMark Difference


The core value of our service is the experience and knowledge of our team members and our ability to help you to identify your company’s unique opportunities for sustainable growth. Therefore, every recommendation will be tailored to meet your specific organizational capabilities and needs. We typically spend most of our time on-site, in order to work side-by-side with your employees. This helps to maintain open communication channels and ensure knowledge pass-through.

Our intention is not to stay with you forever, as many other consulting companies seem to do. We believe that you engage us to get a second pair of eyes or a skill set that you are unable to find in the market, in order to address a specific problem in the short-term. We always work under the assumption that when our project is done, you should be able to continue progress on your own.

Our Philosophy

AMark was founded on the belief that consulting services should be tailored to the specific needs and capabilities of your organization.

We are not selling theoretic, academic models but practical and tailored solutions, that take your organization to the next level – no matter where you are. We employ a “step-by-step” approach, allowing your team to learn and grow.

We believe that pricing should be transparent and deliverable-based. Therefore, we are not charging by the hour or minute. Depending on your needs, pricing is fixed and based on deliverables.

All of our consultants have relevant industry experience. We believe in “having been there – having done it”. It’s the difference between reading a book, and real-world success.

We will start every engagement with agreement on the goals we need to achieve in order to provide a return on investment for you – we typically want to see an ROI within 90 days or less.