AMark’s availability, timeliness, and value delivered were exceptional! We were impressed with their market-based approach and the deliverables exceeded our expectations. AMark offers a cost effective and quality product that rivals larger consulting firms. Highly recommended!!
- Continental Disc Corporation

PCES has had a wonderful experience with AMark Consulting, a local management consulting firm. We heavily vetted them before we engaged them and found all past clients were extremely satisfied with the results they brought to the table. The results they brought to PCES have been seismic to say the least, and I mean that in the best possible context.I don’t really know much about your company, but I truly believe any organization would benefit from at least sitting down and talking with AMark to see if their services might be a match for your company. I really believe it could be one of the best investments you will ever make.


The Performance Management Assessment was an exceptionally engaging process and did not intrude upon our daily business operations. The time spent with our management team proved to be some of the most valuable information gathering on our company culture and structure since I started with Monarch in 2001. The recommendations provided as a result of your Performance Management Assessment are easy to understand and actionable. And, knowing you are there to help us with the implementation sets the AMark Team apart from almost all other consulting firms in the country!

- Monarch

Swagelok engaged AMark for strategic planning and market segmentation services. Martin Piplits has a gracious, but straightforward and honest communication style, which encouraged many thought provoking conversations within my senior leadership team. We truly enjoyed working with AMark, appreciate the valuable insight they provided, and recommend them to any companies seeking real-world business results.

- Swagelok

The AMark Consulting team worked with Seed Technologies to assist in moving it out of its stagnated growth. At first, they provided valuable insight from their financial and marketing analysis during the discovery period. They later helped identify the problem areas of our operations that were adversely affecting both our sales and growth. With their guidance, we were able to slightly alter our processes resulting in a 65% increase in annual revenue after the first year. I would recommend AMark Consulting to any company seeking an opportunity to expand.
- Seed Technologies